Foods to Gain Weight and Increase Muscle Mass Fast

Jun 20, 2017 by Carl Lowland in Blog & Articles

Weight gain is not all about amassing body fat in their layers, but eating the right food to help you bulk. This makes it very easy for you to convert that extra weight into muscles when you go into the gym for weight training. This list of foods will help you gain weight and increase […]

Bodybuilding Supplements Buying Guide

Aug 31, 2016 by Carl Lowland in Blog & Articles

When people think of bodybuilding and the supplements involved in it, they tend to think about muscle bound freaks who push themselves above and beyond healthy fitness levels. They think of people who use steroids and other illegal substances to achieve their ridiculous bodies. The fact is that there’s no need to desire to become […]

Steroid Cycles

How to Benefit from Legal Steroid Cycling

Dec 11, 2014 by Carl Lowland in Blog & Articles, Legal Steroids

Cycles are an important part of the body building process. The following cycles have been created so that you will see the different popular options that have been relied on by many other bodybuilders before you. They will help you to determine the dosages that you should stick with as well as the best ways […]

Protein Shake Recipes for Bodybuilding

Jul 31, 2014 by Carl Lowland in Blog & Articles, Protein

One of the worst parts about committing to a protein shake diet to compliment your body building workout routine is dealing with the taste of the drink itself. The shakes themselves offer tons of benefits, but drinking them can sometimes be a challenge. Here you can find the best protein shake recipes for bodybuilding . If […]

Bodybuilding Supplements

Choosing Bodybuilding Supplements – The Tips

Jul 18, 2014 by R.G Sihombing in Blog & Articles

The supplements industry is saturated with products all ‘guaranteeing’ to give you the instant gains and visible results that you crave – all at a cost! So how can you choose the right supplements wisely, and without breaking the bank? Know What You’re Buying The trick is to opt for the highest quality products from […]

What is Whey Protein?

Jul 3, 2014 by R.G Sihombing in Blog & Articles, Protein

Athletes, bodybuilders and gym members alike have all found the powerful benefits of whey protein, making it the most popular supplement on the market today. But, what exactly is whey protein? For starters, it is created from milk during the curdling process and contains 9 essential amino acids. Whey protein is heavily researched and many […]

HGH & Anti-Aging Therapy

Jul 3, 2014 by R.G Sihombing in Blog & Articles, HGH

With the popularity of human growth hormone (HGH) many companies have found an industry that promises major profits. While many believe that HGH is a great way to look younger, others believe that there are many risks involved and therefore HGH  as anti-aging therapy should not be used. One important thing to consider is that […]