Foods to Gain Weight and Increase Muscle Mass Fast

Jun 20, 2017 by Carl Lowland in Blog & Articles

Foods to Gain Weight and Increase Muscle Mass Fast

Weight gain is not all about amassing body fat in their layers, but eating the right food to help you bulk. This makes it very easy for you to convert that extra weight into muscles when you go into the gym for weight training.

This list of foods will help you gain weight and increase muscle mass fast.

The Importance of Cereals and Bread

Complex carbohydrate is essential for your weight gain, which most often than not will contain a bagel and cereal that provides the body will energy. Let’s see how it works by taking into consideration the amount of calories in a slice of bread and bagel. A slice of bread contains 70 calories, but 3 inches of bagel has got 150 calories, while some could be in the range of 300 calories. To gain that extra weight, you can add fruit spread to top it up. And if you’re the health conscious type, then I suggest you go with whole grain bagel.


Pasta is worth mentioning when it comes to gaining of weight with healthy foods. They are great source of carbohydrate and calories. Just a cup of pasta has great amount of calories– 220 calories– and if you really want to increase your calorie intake, you could add shredded cheese and marinara sauce. For best results, it’s recommended you go for grain pasta.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are important when you want to gain weight and muscle. The truth about dried fruits is that the volume content is less when compared to their fresh  fruits counterpart, but have more  healthy calories to help you amass weight and muscle. Let’s take for example, the quantity of calories in a cup of raising, which is 220 and a cup of fresh grapes that has got 60 calories. You can immediately see the huge difference in calories. You still have other choices to chose from— the apricots, berries and also dried cranberries; they provides enough calories, yet really nutritious.

Olive Oil

Not just the right food is needed to gain weight; fats and oils come into the picture as well. As a matter of fat, olive oil is first port of call if you want the best result, because it contains monounsaturated fatty acid. This will provide more calories, in addition to the pasta, vegetable and also bread.

Canola oil may not be a bad option as they contain omega three fatty acid and makes your cooking just come out right. Also, grape seed or better still walnut oils might be a bad choice either. They are good to top up your salad.


Avocados have got the essentials if you truly want to gain weight; they‘re contain monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, potassium and vitamin k. One avocado has got up to 220 calories in it and so many nutritional values. Your avocado can be eaten in many ways; for making guacamole, sandwich filling, or serving with tortilla chips. It will be a perfect fit if you’ve got some burritos or tacos.

Seed and Nuts

Seed and nuts will always be among the top foods when it comes to gaining weight and this is simply because they contain polyunsaturated fats and also healthy calories to go with. Pumpkin seeds, flax, and sunflower seeds are just right for you, even the pecans and also cashews as well as walnut and almonds. You could make a tasty treat by including nut butter on an apple


You don’t have to spend your hard earn cash to get granola; they’re so easy to prepare. It only takes the combination of whole grain cereals, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts in a sealed container. Let it stay in fridge throughout the night and the next morning, it can serve as your breakfast.

You could decide to fill it up in smaller containers to enable you carry  it anywhere and possibly add flavor if it lacks it—some peanut butter chips or chocolate chunks will do.

Protein Bars

Protein bar will come in handy to provide you with vitality and considerable weight over a time frame. Check them out in grocery stores.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice will work for your weight gain goal if only is 100% natural. Try and avoid those high fructose corn syrupy drinks or those replete with sugar. The vegetable fruit juice might not really work in this case, because the calorie intake up to standard when it comes to gaining weight, but however, still a healthy drink you might want to consider.


With the listed foods above, you can now begin to amass that weight you so much desire. For your muscle improvement, you could go for anabolic natural supplements, which are just what you need to achieve this goal.