How You Should use a Protein Shaker Bottle

Feb 7, 2016 by Carl Lowland in Protein

A protein shaker bottles are becoming more and more popular thanks to the advancements they’ve made recently. If you’re new to making protein you might still be confused by a protein shaker bottle though. The latest models come with a mesh screen or ball whisk that makes mixing protein powder shakes easier than ever. Unfortunately keeping a protein shaker bottle clean and ready to go is another problem in itself.

So What are Protein Shaker Bottles?

Protein Shaker BottleProtein shaker bottles are bottles that measures, as well as mixes, protein shake powder, water, milk, and anything else you want to put in there. You can always stir your protein shake mix into the liquid yourself but this leaves unappetizing lumps in there.

These water shaker bottles are also a handy tool for people at the gym, work, or just on the go. They make for a very convenient way to make protein shakes. They usually have a sip top lid so you can drink from them without spilling the protein shake inside.

The Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes

Protein is the building block of life. It is needed for building muscle and helps keep your body fuelled during vigorous workouts. Protein also burns through energy while it is being processed by the body, meaning that protein kickstarts your metabolism. Protein shakes provide a handy and convenient way to take in more protein without eating more food. They also tend to be more affordable than the amount of meat, fish and poultry you’d need to consume for the same amount of protein.

Different Types of Protein Shaker Bottles

The most common kind of protein shaker bottle is a plain bottle but there are other kinds out there that get more common by the day. Protein Shaker Bottles are great for mixing protein shakes on the move.

Plain bottles are typically made from plastic or aluminium and they have a top that allows you to sip the drink without spilling it. To help with measuring they usually have measurements written on the side of the bottle.

You can also buy a mesh screen or ball whisk shaker bottle. As well as one that combines the two. They are similar to plain bottles except mesh screen bottles have a handy mesh screen inside them to help fully dissolve the protein powder.

Ball whisk bottles use a ball whisk made of wire to dissolve the powder. There are also protein shaker bottles that have separate compartments for you to store extra protein powder or other supplements.

How to Use a Protein Shaker Bottle

It’s quite easy to use one of these bottles. Start by putting the liquid into the bottle. That way the measurement of how much liquid there is is more accurate. It also reduces the amount of clumps if you put the powder into the liquid rather than the other way around. Add the ball whisk at this point if you have one.

If you have a mesh screen shaker bottle then put the screen in place before putting the lid back on the bottle. When the lid is securely in place make sure that it’s closed too. Shake the bottle up nice and hard. If the bottle has a ball whisk or mesh screen then you don’t need to shake it as long. You might need to shake it harder and for longer if you’re using a plain bottle. It’s as simple as that.

How to Clean a Protein Shaker Bottle

If you have a protein shaker bottle you’ll likely use it several times a day. It’s a good idea to rinse out the shaker bottle after each time you use it. For the best results wash it out with warm water and dish soap every time you use it. There are some protein shaker bottles that are safe to be put in the dishwasher but this isn’t an industry standard. Let the bottle air dry so that things such as mold and bacteria don’t have a chance to grow.

How to Remove Odors

One problem with protein shaker bottles is that they tend to smell bad after a while. It might not be enough to clean them out properly or put them in the dishwasher. If this happens with your protein shaker bottle then just put two tablespoons of baking soda into your bottle and add a few cups of warm water. Shake it how you would a protein shake and leave it alone for a few hours, shaking it again occasionally. Rinse it out after a while and see if the smell is still there. If the odor persists then just repeat the process until it is gone.