5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize your Fat Burner

Feb 10, 2016 by Carl Lowland in Fat Burner

Maximize your Fat Burner

Get ready to exploit your fat burner to the extreme. It is time to make the transition from a squeezed carb-free sack to a shredded and pumped beast, by using these neat secrets. All it takes is choosing the appropriate Fat Burner; the right product will convert your tired, hungry, carb-craving form to an awesome, strong and energy-radiating champion, in your journey to fat loss.

Working-out and dieting are great, but they can’t get the job done on their own; add a decent fat burner to the mixture and enjoy amazing results.

With so many products claiming to burn fat, finding your way through them can become a nightmare. The only solution is to become knowledgeable in the subject. Look at the bride side, though: you will avoid trying to get all the answers from an untrained and uninformed employee whose sole concern is to sell you the most profitable product available.

Instead, you just have to follow these neat tips and tricks, to learn how to pick the correct product and how to reap maximum benefits from it.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most of the Fat Burner:

1) Make a wise choice

Not all fat burners are created equal. Although this fact should be a no-brainer, the overly enthusiastic marketing hype surrounding various diet formulations usually goes like this: take this and watch your fat melt away. The result is confusing and doesn’t allow you to see the differences between various fat burners.

A handy feature of this category of products is “thermogenesis”, which actually means “heat production”. It is used to describe the effect that these products have on your body temperature; in reality, they make your body produce more heat, elevating your core temperature, which possible increases calorie consumption during the day.

If this is the way you wish to go, then your best bet are fat burners that are free of stimulants. These include green tea extract, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), ginger extract, L-Carnitine and cayenne pepper extract and may aid your body to mobilize its fat stores as fuel, thus consuming fat without impairing your available energy.

2) Combine your fat burners with your meal times

In case you are using fat burners for something more than just the energy boost they give you prior to working out, then it is best if you plan your scheduling to go with your meals during the day.

Due to the fact that fat burners also decrease your appetite, it is a good idea to take at least one dose between meals, in order to curb your hunger.

By doing so, you won’t feel too hungry right after taking your fat burner and the time interval between meals is going to be comfortable for you; by the time its activity subsides and hunger starts making its appearance, it will almost be time for your next meal.

Most fat burners employ a twice-daily dosage scheme. This means that you can take one immediately prior to your training session and keep one for that time of the day that you feel hungriest.

3) Don’t take any fat burners after 6 in the afternoon

This rule is really important; please remember to take your last dose for the day, whether it is a thermogenic or a stimulant fat burner, before 6pm. The reason is that, in case your fat burner contains stimulants or energy boosting ingredients, taking it after 6pm may hinder your night sleep.

Exceptions to the rule exist for people who like to work out in the afternoon, or for those who know that stimulating substances taken in the afternoon will not have a profound effect on their sleep.

Never underestimate the role of a good night’ sleep in your quest to burn fat. Sleep helps the body maintain a high metabolic rate, facilitates tissue repair between workouts and downregulates the feelings of hunger and appetite for the following day.

Remember to pay attention to each product’s label, for information regarding the recommended dose times.

In case you haven’t taken stimulants before or you haven’t really noticed how you react to them, it is advised to start at the lowest dose possible and slowly increase it to the desired and comfortable levels from there.

4) Cycle Your Fat Burners When Not on a Diet

Since many fat burners also have stimulant substances in their ingredient list, it is a good strategy to periodically cycle them. This is because, with prolonged use, your body get used to the stimulating effect of these substances and makes up for it, rendering them less effective over time.

This leads to tolerance issues, where you need to increase the dose over and over again, just to achieve the same boosting effect.

In addition, continuous use may lead to excessive fat loss and overtraining, which in turn lead to having to completely stop diet and training, at least until you feel better.

Taking a fat burner makes you feel great in the beginning. However, if you don’t cycle at all, the constant stimulation of your central nervous system will lead to fatigue and will ultimately decrease your energy instead of boosting it.

Treat your fat burner sessions the way you would treat a calorie-deficient diet; as you would take some time off periodically, to avoid your metabolism slowing down, do the same with your fat burners, for the same reason.

5) Eat enough protein when you are on Fat Burners

Last, but not least, in order to reap maximum benefits from the use of fat burners: remember to craft your meals in such a way that you are taking enough protein, so that you avoid losing any lean muscle.

This tip is extremely important, mainly because many fat burners will decrease your appetite a lot and, as a results, you might start eating less, lowering your protein intake and, ultimately, increasing the risk of losing muscle.

Remember: Never fall below the limit of 1gram of protein per pound when you are on a fat loss cycle. This means that, you should still take your protein intact, regardless of cutting down on fat and carbs.

This is very important. Eating enough protein is the fine line between success and failure. Try to picture the body you wish to have. How does it look? Shredded and sexy or flat? Do you look like an athlete or like someone who hasn’t eaten anything in days?

Dieting usually makes us hungry, but it really doesn’t have to. The secret to looking like a professional fitness model or a body-builder, is to ensure that adequate protein is going in daily, to support those precious muscles.

That’s it! You now have all the knowledge you need to browse through the countless fat burner products. Just remember, fat burners are going to help you go further if you are already disciplined in your diet and training plan; they are not going to do all the work for you.

Choose the right product and implement the right action plan, to sky-rocket yourself away from the fat-loss obstacles that block your way.