Weight Gain Supplements for Hardgainers

Sep 26, 2015 by Carl Lowland in Weight Gain

Are you a bodybuilder trying to gain mass for your next competition? Or are you maybe just trying to gain some weight? Your goals are pretty much the same. Your goal is to add weight without gaining extra fat. However, you should have some tactics, as that could be a slippery slope. Here is the basic guide to weight gain supplements for hardgainers.

Success in gaining mass with weight gain supplements for hardgainersAlthough young men with a fast metabolism are not in danger to develop fast through their diet, they are also not likely to gain some weight either. Also, bodybuilders may have success in gaining mass, but it doesn’t mean that each time they added extra calories they didn’t get extra fat. They also have to be careful.

Diet only can’t be enough for all our nutritional needs and that’s why we need supplements. Today’s market is full of products which promote weight loss, but the sellers became aware of weight gainers trying to add weight for decades, and made some perfect products for them.

The question is, can ‘weight gain supplements for hardgainers’ really meet their expectations? Most of us fear they are just empty promises and won’t get us anywhere. Some don’t believe in it, the others are sure they are the only way to win the battle of gaining weight.

If you take a look on the internet, you will see a bunch of teens and twenty-somethings, desperate to find a way to increase their size, and you’ll understand how difficult is for some to add just a few extra pounds.

Three Basic Categories of Weight Gain Supplements for Hardgainers:

1. High Calories

Supplements can be powders or packets which replace meals. They are rich in calories, but nutritionally they aren’t very significant. Mostly, they are full of fat and sugar mixed with just a little nutrition. With them you get quantity, and what’s important is quality. This is the best choice only for people who have to gain weight to save their lives.

If you are 140 pounds soaking wet, and your height is 5’10″ or more, adding some extra calories can be so intense, that it literally assaults the body.  If a person can lose up to 7 pounds daily just because of missing a meal, these products are a dream come true.

Nutritionists claim and  will try to convince you that you can eat healthy food which contains the same number of calories, but the real truth is, you would lose the whole day trying to take it all in. Supplements rich in calories are very important in the world of weight gain, but not everyone will benefit from them—only the most desperate of cases.

2. High Carbohydrates

This kind of supplements is designed to restore stores of glycogen reduced because of the high metabolism and weight training. Using this kind of supplements will make sure you won’t be filling up with some unnecessary ingredients. The high carb supplement will provide your body with carbs that the body can easily accept, unlike those supplements full of calories which attack your body.

The California strength and conditioning specialist Scot Brengel, CSCS, reports “Glucose based carbohydrates, such as maltodextrin and dextrose are the type carbs to seek when supplementing with high carb products”. “Fructose and like carbs are merely saturating the liver and getting stored as lipids. You want to use every gram of carbohydrate you take in to ensure growth and not storage”.

3.  Weight Gainers

People trying to gain weight are the foundation of everything that is mass and size in the world of supplements. Although, the first two categories are hybrid, the difference between them and weight gainers is that the second group actually does have some nutritional intake, besides adding extra calories, which typically contain a bio-available form of protein, a superior carbohydrate source and some fatty acids.

Experts advise to use weight gainers only when they are most beneficial, and skip them when they are not needed. For example, you mustn’t just take in a weight gainers just because you are lazy to make something to eat. You have to use them when your body is tired and can accept the calories. Brengel says “Mornings or post-workout meals are ideal because the muscles will soak up the calories, and it isn’t likely to get stored as fat.”

The simplest step in gaining mass is eating more. That means that weight gainers and carb supplements should be simply added to your actual diet and then you will get the most out of them. So don’t forget to eat. Increase your weight gaining by adding an extra meal, one weight gainer shake per day and one carbohydrate supplement drink per day. Combined, these can be your best solution for gaining weight!

Recommended Weight Gain Supplements for Hardgainers:

Body Fuel Weight Gain

Body Fuel Weight Gain - Weight gain supplements for hardgainersWeight Gain can be a perfect solution for you as it fulfills your calorie needs, making sure you don’t have to risk going over your daily nutritional amounts. It contains a combination of Protein and Carbohydrates uniquely formulated and rich in nutrients needed for optimizing muscle gain.

They are perfect for people with fast metabolism or slim people who want to put on some weight. Having a 60% to 40% carbohydrate to protein ratio, taking the Body Fuel Weight Gain will provide the best possible results.

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MyProtein Hard Gainer Extreme

Hard Gainer Extreme - Weight gain supplements for hardgainersHard Gainer Extreme contains 36g of protein that will increase the growth and maintain lean body mass. Additionally, it is combined of low and high GI carbohydrates consisting of fructose, maltodextrin and waxy maize starch. Besides these lean mass building mixes, there is additional Flax Seed and Inulin.

This product is designed for those who are trying to increase daily calorie and protein intake. Experts advise on taking this product throughout the day, as it is a convenient way to increase your calorie intake.

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Weight gain supplements for hardgainers are the answer for those with high metabolism who are trying to gain weight. They will give you the ‘edge’ you need to take your body building to a whole new level.