What is HGH?

Jun 6, 2014 by R.G Sihombing in Blog & Articles, HGH

hgh-injectionsA powerful anabolic hormone that is present naturally in the human body which is solely responsible for the growth can answer what is HGH all about. Produced by pituitary gland in the brain, this hormone plays a major role in the stimulation of growth in muscles, cartilages and bones.

This hormone is generated continuously during the entire period of an individual’s lifetime. But it is more abundantly secreted by the body during youth. Among children, it stimulates growth whereas it plays a major role in the metabolism of adults.

Prior to the knowledge about Genetic Engineering techniques, the only HGH could only be obtained from human corpses. Cadavers were cut apart, took out the pituitary gland and then processed in order to make the hormones available in an injectable form.

In 1956, Human Growth Hormone was first isolated by scientists. Three years from then, it was used for medicinal purposes for children suffering treatment from stunted growth.

HGH can be manufactured synthetically be in the laboratory in any quantities and there are no restrictions on the same. However, in 1989, it was banned by the medical commission of International Olympic Committee.

What is HGH’s approval status as per FDA?

The FDA has given its approval for the usage of HGH for the treatment of children and adults who genuinely have a deficiency of the hormone or are suffering from rare disorders, not for the typical decline that occurs as a part of the ageing process. Children suffering from HGH deficiency can use HGH which will increase their growth. It also increases muscle mass and body mass.

Adults suffering from HGH deficiency, are administered this as a result of which there would be an increased muscle mass and ensures well-being by increasing the healthy mass of the body.

Does FDA approve administration of HGH for treatment of any other disorders?

The usage of HGH is only limited to treatment for growth disorders. At times, it is also used to treat short bowel syndrome and it is highly useful in stopping or slowing down the muscle wastage in people suffering from HIV or AIDS. Also, HGH can be used on children who are extremely short even if they do not possess a deficiency of HGH.
Why would a sportsman take it?

Sportsman take doses HGH for primarily one reason, to increase the size of their muscles. As there is a correlation between the size of muscles and strength, participants in events that require high power and explosive strength in short intervals of are most likely to benefit.

The relaxation of muscles happen at a faster pace with high levels of HGH, which enables a sportsman to train more vigorously and faster.

Endurance sportsman however, do not benefit from HGH as it is found that EPO a better choice. This is mainly because, EPO increases the oxygen carrying capacity which leads to an increase in stamina automatically.

What is HGH’s impact on sports?

Definitely not. Physical strength is just an aspect that affects your performance. There are several other factors too. Moreover, it is found that HGH has various effects on different people.

What are the potential side-effects?

Acromegaly, a condition where the hands appear spade-like and tend to get bigger, is caused due to high levels of HGH in the body. Increased growth of the facial bones lead to a change in the shape of the face too. Due to the structural change in the face, the jaws become larger, leading to a gap between the teeth and causing an enlargement of the tongue.

The skin becomes coarse and oily too. Vital organs like the hear, kidneys and liver also grow at a faster pace due to HGH causing fatal disorders such as cardiomyopathy, an abnormality caused due to the excessive growth of heart muscles.

Is CJD too caused by HGH?

Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease is also a side effect caused due to the injection of HGH synthesized from the pituitary glands of dead people.

The CJD has an incubation period of up to 30 years. The virus that causes CJD resides in the brain of dead people and using the same HGH on live patients increases the risk of infection. With an incubation period so high, the patient might not even realize that he contains the virus for over a decade.

However, synthetic HGH is safe and does not carry the risk of CJD.

What is HGH dosage administered along with?

No. Anecdotal evidences point that HGH is used as a part of a cocktail of banned drugs and also used with steroids at times.

Why is it difficult to determine an intake of HGH?

Owing to the high occurrence of HGH in the human body, it is difficult to ascertain whether HGH was naturally produced or administered by a dosage.

Also, the natural HGH levels prevailing in the human body cannot be judged or classified in a range. Unacceptably high levels of HGH in the blood indicate doping. Naturally occurring HGH depend upon various factors relating to the lifestyle of an individual. There might also be a variance to the factor of 100 among two different people.

What is HGH supplement?

HGH supplements are completely legal alternatives which boost the production of HGH in the human body. HGH supplements are homeopathic HGH pills. HGH products are designed to aid muscle growth and lessen the recovery periods.